mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

I spent all of my daylight savings

The day... I was taird.
Going to bed early tonight or at least plan to.

At lunch fab fi and I went to this little organic greek place. It was ok, outrageous price for what you got... but our waitress was fresh off the boat from Argentina.
Oh.. my...

Rarely do I drool. Ok, maybe not too rarely but quite literally, I have never in my life seen a body like hers... and she was showin it. Yum yum yummay.


I guess I need to get out more because I didn't know they built things like that.
"I get out a lot and I didn't know that either."

Afterword we struck up conversation... or at least she and fab fi did while I stared at her. I asked her about her accent and she told me where she was from. She followed up with a, "I know you from some where... you look so familiar... where do I know you?"

All I could do was giggle.

WTF is with that line? "You look so familiar?" I get that from people all of the fucking time... especially strippers. um. Anyway.

So today was good. Tomorrow will be busy.
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