mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

needing your help... only thirty seconds of your time

This, admittedly, might sound strange... However, if you can read this entry I have to ask a favor of you.

There may or may not be a string of occurences, in this case I am hoping there will be, over the coming month beginning tonight.

The possibilities with this, if it were to come to pass, are wholly positive. Although personal in nature, it has the potential to impact (eventually) a large number of lives.

Where you come in... Making it simple, I need as much positive energy for this to click right as possible.

Even then though, I am fully understanding and comfortable with the fact that if it's not meant to happen, it won't... and that's completely ok.

In the meantime, if you would take a moment and think of me - however you know me.. either through my words, through voice, or face to face. Think of me and picture whatever it is in your imagination that represents peace, well being, and a positive outcome.

Any thoughts are great... keep the visualization simple, short, and true as in the present.

I thank you as this means a lot to me.

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