mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

(214) RAW - FISH Sushi is good. 2 for 1 sushi is better.

Fun with Lori the Web Site Virtual Assistant...

"Hello, my name is Lori. I am the Web Site Virtual Assistant. How may I help you?"

Do you offer multiple license solutions for virus protection software?

"I am not at liberty to offer that information. Please type another question."

umm... do you like it doggy style?

"I haven't thought much about it doggy style. Anyhow, my job here is help customers with our technology. Do you have a question?"

Would you lick my balls?

"I don't know much about sports. My purpose is to answer questions regarding and its online anti-virus, security and PC maintenance services or I can always perform a search for you."

Candles and lotions or sweat and sand?

"Please look below for information on how to purchase gift certificates for products."

I screwed your sister.

"I am here to answer questions related to and its online anti-virus, security and PC maintenance services, that's my job."

I don't care. You suck.

"I'm sorry. I will learn and get better. I'm being taught more everyday."


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