mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


I woke up this morning to the horribly bright light shining in my room; the snooze alarm on it's fourth run. The air was cold enough to be comfortable but artificialy so. I could tell by the humidity that if it weren't for the air conditioner running all night and set entirely too low to be economically feasible, it would be hotter than hell and I would be waking with a headache.

The air against my face reminded me of my visits to this city as a kid. Long before I moved here... when if you would have said that I would eventually live here, I would have laughed with enthusiasm and thought you were a fool.

Just as then, as once was a child, my thought this morning was only how much I wanted to go home. This morning, unfortunately, I already was.

I know nothing about Portland, Oregon but that's where my thought led to. You were in my thoughts too. What is it about your aura... your fire? So creative. So overwhelmingly intoxicating. Too beautiful to not be poisonous. How you make me feel with such incredibly little influence frightens me... I think I like being scared though or otherwise I would just quit looking.
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