mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

I haven't wanted to be this alone in a while. It's an empty that will only be cured by clearing it all out.

at lunch:
After listening to my coworkers discuss their heavily social weekend plans...

"So beeooll, what do you plan to do this weekend?"
Chill, get some rest, take it easy and work on some stuff. I kindof need the time to drop out of society.
"You plan on dropping out of society?!?"
"For the weekend or for ever."
The weekend for now... and eventually for ever.

I think it bothers them that I don't feel the need to justify my existence through social obligations. It doesn't bother me that it bothers them, it does get old however when it's made a big deal of after I've sat courteously listening to their plans that to me, often seem like tiny inconsequential non-certain occurrences that have been blown completely out of proportion.

Also, I'm really getting tired of over priced "gourmet" for lunch... I think I'm going to start eating fast food.
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