mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

middle east

I'm just kindof kicking back and the thought about unrest in the middle east popped up. I'm not in too much of a mood to rant but couldn't help but think how weird it is that they can't both just chill the fuck out and decide that they can both share the land and let the other believe what they want to believe.

I of course have my thoughts on how a religion, or people in the religion, promote perceived inequality between faiths or philosophies. It makes me curious how a counter intuitive method of thought could spread to that degree. You take a look I guess at where it arrived, that faith, in our evolution as a species. That makes sense... but it happens every day. Today. Even with the ability to find out absolutely any answer to any question that has already been answered... or at least find the resources to formulate questions - and maybe answers.

I don't get it. I honestly don't. Look at the diversity in America. Five major faiths if I remember right... and that's not including all of the denominations, sects, structured to unstructured; from heavy dogma to fancy-free freedom. Big to small... and all of the methods of thought being created. And we get along.

No one is fighting over, killing each other and being nasty over, a strip of land "slightly more than twice the size of Washington, DC." I'm not saying we're perfect by any means... nothing is perfect and you don't need perfect to acquire an example.

I had a good meditation before lunch... lunch was a spinach salad- I love spinach salads. 8)
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