mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

lunchtime with the palm reader

So I was driving down the road after running errands and I see to my left one of those psychic places. I had some time and thought, hrm... why the hell not?

Let me prequalify that I'm not altogether that large of a believer in this type of thing- or at least the people that try to provide it as a paid service. It was an interesting meeting though.

I rang the bell and this lady comes to open the door. Old lady, one eye kinda greenish and the other was brown. That was trippy, almost cliche trippy... but I didn't know whether to stare at her eyes or her mustache. Annnyway.

She was really sweet. Kind person... clearly on a completely different wave length than most people by the way she communicated and focused her attention. I walked in and asked how much it would be just for a quick palm read. She said $20 but that I surely couldn't learn much from just the palm... she'd have to do a card reading too. I asked how much that was and she said $40. Of course she offered to do a sand reading... I draw a little doodle in this plate of sand on her table and she charges me $60 to tell me about it.

I only opted for the palm.

So there I sat with the kind old lady with the multicolored eyes and mustache. I'm tellin ya, it was much better than a ride at six flags.

She starts off telling me about me- bare in mind that to this point I have only asked prices, given her yes and no answers to what I want, and of course said hello.

"You go through your day with a smile on your face but your heart is truly sad."

"Since you were a child, you've been reaching and preparing for wealth... since you will not let go, since you do not give up, and you will not complete anything half way, you have nothing to worry about. You always weigh spending decisions and are incredible with managing money, so once you get it, you will not loose it."

"Last year was hard for you, you had probably the hardest year you've ever had early last year. This year has been tough too but not as hard."

"You constantly look for better ways of doing things. You go to bed at night and instead of drifting off quickly, you will lay and toss and turn... but your days are spent in constant question of how you can do something better."

"Your life line is VERY long so you will very likely live a long life... and very healthy too."

"Your heart was broken... things with a past love didn't work out as you had hoped and although you have gotten over her, you haven't gotten over the hurt enough to do it again."

"There is a tall, slender, dark haired man that is extremely jealous of you. He won't give you proper respect, nor will he allow the recommendation for you to get what you need."

"You are quick tempered but well controlled. You hate answering to anyone and you only can truly handle being self directed."

"Three doors will open up for you in late June. One for money, one for love, and one for..." I can't remember what the third was but long story short, everything is suppose to come together according to her in late June... she specifically mentioned business as well.

"You are currently questioning whether to continue in the relationship you are in. If she is right for you... you'll know by late June on this too."

She asked if that made sense... she said all of the above without me saying one single word or reacting in any way... I just sat there smiling pleasantly without any expectation.

I told her that I wasn't in a relationship but I could see where it may correlate.

I asked her if I would have children - "Honey, that's for God to decide."
if I would be married - "When the time comes."
if I would be financially independent - "Yes."
my age... "I have no idea."
guess... "I don't know.. I'll go with 24."
nope.. I'm 28 +huge smile+
(I get that 24 crap a lot though)

If nothing else, it was fun to watch her talk. She seemed really sweet. I have to admit that the porcelain black Jesus and Mary sitting next to the crystal ball was a bit distracting but I found the experience to be pleasant and certainly entertaining.

So.. late June? Here I come! ;)
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