mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

i think i got it

an oak soaked in gasoline
petrified calcified inflamed
fade into me
as my last breath
close by any other name
occupy me in the same space
if only i could would do
breathe in with me
helping in our breath
know that I will always, always
like a plucked string
on an old guitar
seeking (e)motionless state before bent
hit in the stomach
lost wind and stammering
it will find it's way
there will always be spring
a new beginning and summer before frost
the clouds may come and the rain will fall
but not all will have such great cost
believing and seeing
hoping with desire
tomorrow like today
in a million years won't matter
when you can't find the answer
you must re-ask your question
embracing the solution with calculated reserve
caution if only
for self preservation
i cannot hide
behind my will
i refuse to miss because of fear
i will not allow myself to excuse
because of my inability to believe
so where will this road take me
where would it take you
i cannot say
but forward i look toward
each step
each fall
each opportunity to run
each twist and turn
along the way
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