mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Lunch was 2 for the price of 1 (thankfully) sushi (an assload) chased by two scoops of vanilla frozen custard. That couldn't be healthy.

A lot of sleep last night. I actually had the opportunity to slowly wake up and lay there and let my mind wander. I even threw in the obligatory two sessions of snooze.

I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the digicam purchase. It looks like the weekend of June 7 is the next window of opportunity for me to hit NYC and I know I'll have quite a bit to take pics of. Robz and Emmy will be up there for that week and it would be great to finally see the joint if only for two or three days. Plus, a new camera would give me a good excuse to wander around, not to mention it's a business expense. I need PC upgrades though (still) and I hesitate to get so enthusiastic with my spending.

I keep thinking, "Should you have really bought that damned guitar?" Following that is, "Absolutely." It could have waited but it had been waiting long enough... my skills don't do it justice though- it's an awesome feeling to feel the need to get better because the tool you are using deserves it.

One of my thoughts this morning:
"I want to take the entire year of 2005 off to hang out and maybe travel."

My first reaction is surprise I would thinking something like that and doubt that I ever could, both understandably and obviously why. My conditioned response is, "how can I make that happen?"
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