mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

have you been here before?

I've grown aloof and have acquired a number of conventionally odd methods of dealing with things. However, I have discovered a way to maintain an overall higher level of peace than I have ever experienced. I've been able to turn the actions of learning and continually reaching into a game; a game that sometimes I take entirely too seriously but a game that I'm getting used to and making the early stages of progress on.

I went to the bar tonight for around an hour. It was a beautiful evening and we were on the roof. I figured out a logical explanation as to why I can't go them anymore. It has to do with the way I process interaction, conversation, and the context of it all. It's me that's flawed but oddly I'm fine with it... everything works fine when it needs to (or better than expected). Long story short, sensory overload.
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