mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

There have been moments in the past two days where I unmistakably felt like a spaceship that arrived to the other side. However, I have no fucking idea what that metaphor means.

Today was a slack/casual create day. I did go drive by a house, scary, and then went to guitar center. I must initiate an off limits rule for that store. I fell in love with a Roland synth/sampler... so damned amazing how electronic music has evolved. This keyboard actually had a motion sensor type input device. Waving your hand over it would change up the sound. If I could hook up a multimedia gig, that maybe could be justified. I did get the coolest capo on the planet though.

I'm thoroughly disgusted with television and the media. Quite a rant behind that but not in the mood to bother. Good day. Damn good day.
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