mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

days go by

numb to a degree with a crisp like edge while
tears fall obverse to the wind so not to be dryed
the fabric lays blue like a soft wire mesh that blankets me
memory of you and me in our youth and naivety
oh yes i still think of you

a decade past and i still smell your hair
tastes of your neck swept under the carpet of memory
things that could have been but thankfully aren't
things that are and the curiousity of how may have been

what would we be now if things didn't end
where would we have come to had we both not given in
often the biggest mistakes are blessings
and our choices leave no room for regret

i miss you though as irrational as it may be
to hold memory as objective reality
unconditionally i loved you... and still do
or at least the weathered memory
that still I hold as true
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