mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Interesting night... actually beyond interesting

After work I went and got a haircut. Invited to play poker with coworkers, well... invited almost every week but tonight I went.

Had quite a bit of fun... I called my boss a fucking asshole (while smiling) and it was taken in the nature it was intended. A lot likely due to the circumstances of the game at that moment- he kinda stuck me.

I really suck at poker but I can see it as something easily governed by it's rules and probabilities. I've just yet to really look at it. I'm not sure I'm interested though.

Now the following has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen people do, unorganized, in a mass...

So I was driving home from poker, stopped at whataburger at about 1:30am. I noticed up and down northwest highway (just west of 35) on the street, parked in lots, just everywhere around, literally thousands of people - I'd say between the ages of 16 and 20. I thought that was odd but figured that it had something to do with the summer and being a holiday night... still though, traffic was HORRIBLE for 1:30 am

Got to whataburger and by the time I finally got my burger it was at least 1:45 am. By this time, some of these people had filled up the back parking lot behind me. Police came through (three cars) announcing over their speakers to leave the lot. No big deal right?

I start to drive further down northwest highway to come home. This area of the road has yet to be developed... no buildings really except some industrial stuff but for the most part it's just grass and a lot of trees. For some reason though, people were parked bumper to bumper (same age group) for at least a mile and a half. It would have easily filled a concert arena, the number of people this was. I new something was up though when around a half mile before the stoplight (or directly next to the liquor stores if you are familiar with the area) people were parked on the median too... and I couldn't go anywhere. Bumper to bumper traffic stopped clear from the stoplight and growing.

I rolled down the window and asked one of the guys what was going on. Essentially I discovered that this group of people... thousands of people... shut down the west bound lane with cars, people park, and the other lane is shut down at the light. THEN, people take turns drag racing. Motorcycles, corvettes, just about anything that can get going before the police show up. I was there for at least another ten minutes, stopped in traffic, watching illegal drag races with thousands of people at 2am on what normally is an extremely busy road. The end came though when one police cruiser came up, turning on it's lights, and all of the how-many-ever-thousand yell "5-0" before they get in their cars and pretend that nothing was going on.

Talk about documentary material... hell, has anything ever been in the movies like that? I couldn't get over how fucking cool that was.
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