mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Life as a Seer: Another tired rambling (with foot notes)

I've always been visually oriented. Patterns, colors, symmetry, and a blending of those objects of attention with a self produced auditory translation since childhood.

When I play cards, I was reminded of this last night, I can sometimes see what will come up in the draw and what opponents have by closing my eyes and picturing it - nothing mystical, just visual interpretation of probability. When I look at buildings, houses, furniture, cars, and photographs, the colors, the lines, or anything that defines objects, I hear tones. When I look at code, as I've written about before, I sometimes loose myself in the dynamics and the changes as if it were a musical piece being played by the orchestra in my mind.

"The voices in his head are doing stand-up."
It's the truth. I am blessed with a never ending dialogue between self and higher self... sometimes one of them can be pretty fucking funny. I will qualify this as not voices or anything denoting insanity (although I will be the first to admit that I'm unsane) but the habit of being aware and interacting with the levels of perception that observe- sometimes, unfortunately, that I can often rely on too heavily. We each have that available though.

I don't know why I'm writing about this really. I guess it's because last night was really odd. The seeing cards before they would flip reminded me of the several times that I've walked into a room with a deck on the table and would see, on the massive movie screen in my head, the top card's suite or rank, sometimes dead on, sometimes incorrectly mixed, but nearly always with one unlikely attribute correct.

I am not psychic.
I refuse to believe in the unexplained. Every process and event can ultimately be described even when completely misunderstood. I don't believe that there's anything to always remain mystical because everything is bound by the all-connected-through-frame structure of our universe and the laws of probability. It makes sense to have connections though the fabric, it's understandable and expected that outcomes are to not always remain under the same frequency.

In parallel, I really hate fiction. I am not too much on sports or television either... even the so called reality shows. It's like sitting there and watching someone else live. What an insult to ourselves and our potential.*

Anyway, I'm rambling... three hours of sleep. Not good. Not making sense. I want to revisit this topic though because it affects every part of my life. This impacts social interaction with individuals and groups, my typical dislike for drinking alcohol and my preference for grass, it is a component in the choices I make, how I do or do not communicate, how I create, how I prefer to live, everything. Everything. As it may likely be for everyone else as well.


*However, I have to admit that I loved watching The Osbourne's and can't wait to see Anna Nichole Smith.
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