mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

dollars that fell on memory lane

In dealing with trying to budget... I really hate budgeting by the way because of the whole limitations thing. But anyway, I look back on a few of the missed opportunities that would have made these days a little less - not challenging really, but uncertain I guess.

Two or three, huge, king sized, misses.

Brief process of thought:
I can't believe it.
how difficult to accept

hehe.. who cares

i need to persist. i need to get busy.
i'm tired though.
work now sleep later

tired of looking- i've been at the egdge of my seat entirely too long and my ass is starting to get sore. (no, not literally)

ahh, a crossroads... i need to pick a direction and run.

my journal cracks me up sometimes. It's mindblowing to think about how much of an impact it has had on my emotional well being... or at least the ability to half way focus so that I can better choose how to release frustration. stray thoughts. like an emotional trash compactor, it has served me well.
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