mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

the zen of broken windshields

My windshield is a debris magnet at speeds over fifty mph. This is the second windshield I've gone through in a year and a half - it doesn't need replacing yet but there's a nice crack in it from another 18 wheeler. It sucks at $350 - $400 a pop. We'll see on the next abrupt temperature change on how well it will last.

Today was all right, I did well at extreme multitasking. At one point during the day, I was answering two questions from coworkers on calls, I had a support issue from a client, was trying to identify a bug in the authentication system, I had just gotten back from a lunch meeting for a WOM client on a project (practically nothing as it turns out) and had what I was working on over the weekend on my mind too. No wonder I want to crawl into a ball.

The pres had some of my photos enlarged- the ones that I took of everyone when we went fishing. 16*20 (and cropped) straight from digital... flawless. I've seen a lot of 35mm film shots that didn't turn out as well. At least I've done something right.

There's this fellow that lives around here- one of those motivational speaker types but beyond the league of, well, most all of them. He's all kinds of famous - by the name of Dr. Wayne Dyer. He does work with Chopra and the like. Anyway, flipping through channels yesterday while taking a break, I noticed that he was on the local PBS station, as he is quite often during fund raising time (all the time with pbs).

So there was Dr. Dyer giving a talk and he reminded me of something (I can't remember to quote but here's the gist) - This. All of this... My reality and my life, is between me and the universe... everyone else just happens to be experiencing the same relationship concurrently whether they know it or not. Nothing I do is for "them." It is for me to express to the ultimate - it's up to anyone else whether they like it or not.

That, and of course, "Any light will consume any darkness."

Boy did that come in handy today.
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