mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
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large political rant

In my following words, I hope not to offend but these thoughts have been rolling around inside of me, in various fashions, throughout this entire year. Think of these thoughts and feelings as the result of one guy trying to gain comfort and understanding of something much, much greater than him.

It's been a year. It's already been a year since the morning that we were forced as a society to question when, if ever, would we be able to concern ourselves adequately with just mere day to day meaningless shit. It's amazing how quickly we recovered.

We're not over it though. It was a genuinely sad, even catastrophic, event. Witnessing it on television, I was personally shaken, worried, and concerned. I also took the opportunity to fly to New York to visit ground zero this year so that I could feel the energy, the climate, the flow. Even with that in mind, the contact high from the increased level of mass anxiety, even to the manufactured patriotism has become excruciating and I know I'm not alone.

Our president said one thing while he was campaigning that I always look back on when I see the news or wonder why the hell we haven't found Osama. "I will restore respect in the office of the Presidency."

That's alarming considering what it would take after that last act. I'm a registered republican yet he scares me. I mean yeah, I understand that I've moved toward the center or even left as far as social issues are concerned but still being relatively conservative, well, I question things and how they may or may not be influenced; how they may or may not parallel.

I'm not going to write about conspiracy theory because overall the chain of events is extremely solid. However, I make it a habit, as any good citizen should do, of asking questions when we are told something by media or government. I question the motives... simple as that.

For instance, I can't help but wonder if Osama will ever be caught. Objectively? I don't think he will. It bothers me to think that but I see, well, this action of force stuff is all too convenient as a method to stimulate economic conditions. I know that's a jump in logic but historically speaking it's almost a fucking cycle as far as republican administrations, a declining economy (another rant entirely), and war.

In a war that you aren't too excited to see the end of, what better opponent is there than one that lives in caves and operates with no true mass attack strategy. You never quite know. The only thing better is an enemy that blends in completely and acts in small numbers and even alone. Oh great.

Is it just me or have you ever seen footage of Saddam Housein where the crowd boo-ed him away from his podium? Everything that I ever have seen with Saddam Housein speachifying the crowd never contains protesters. It never shows anything but people cheering.

The bottom line is simple. Either people like him and are happy with his job or he murders those who oppose him. I do understand it's the latter.

How do I feel about Iraq? I honestly don't understand Iraq. I believe strongly that earlier versions of this conflict were more about oil than basic human rights. pathetically, I'm ok with that. It is very possible that Iraq, Saddam, or someone else will carry out an act against us. The biggest reason that this threat will likely never end is because it's an efficient and damaging plan of destruction. But should we take Saddam out? I honestly don't care but I would prefer someone to make a decision and stop prolonging it.

Shallow? I don't think so... because although I fear what is to come for my fellow man, myself for that matter, and generations after this, I welcome the moment when the stupid inconsequential shit doesn't make a difference, when the big scarry shit no longer terrifies, and we realize that we are a community, that we are small and insignificant and a lucky to be alive group of organisms in one very tiny percentage of the universe. When we quit believing that our country, our shoes, our favorite football teams, or pain is greater than theirs, hers, his, or anyone else's. When we set ourselves free and ride the ever changing wave of the universe as a people. As a species.

It's about Love. Not fear.

Do I think it will happen like that? It sucks, but I don't think it will.
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