mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

progress and finding inspiration in the dung beetle

--thought 1

i am the finger nails on a chalkboard
the leaf blower at 6am
i am the slow driver in the fast lane
and i leave the ends of the loaf on the bread
i am the guy standing in front of you
and the asshole pushing from behind
i take your time until you yell at me
and get pissed at you for wasting mine
i can test your patience beyond all doubt
but believe me that I'm far from proud
of pissing off
and pissing on
and doing what I do to make my way through the crowd
to stake claim to what's mine
and sometimes then some
and sometimes not even that

--thought 1a

I refer to myself as a bottom feeder, as a cockroach, catfish, etc... It's generic for scavenger or a creature that gets the fallen crumbs and sees it as a feast. Why? Because that's what I am. That's all I'll ever be - no matter how pathetic and horribly degrading as it may be. I. Am.

--thought 2

I live life externally at about a '3' while internally, I'm normally cranked to about an '8.' If I make it past fifty without having a heart attack, I will be strongly surprised.
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