mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

conversational randomness

Ordered pizza last night and the driver's name, on his lapel tag, was interesting so I asked him where he was from. Nepal. It was cool to hear him tell me about it all from his perspective... he liked talking about Nepal. This tiny little Nepalese dude stood on my balcony as I held my pizza and he told me about everything to do with Nepal; the life, the economy, and even the political issues as his eyes were partially covered by his Pizza Hut cap. Nice fellow but I couldn't help but think, although I listened with interest, how entertaining that would have been to have on video.

I was leaving for work this morning and the guard at the gate stopped me as he often does for quick hellos and good day wishing - black guy with a short 'fro, mid forties, wearing a security guard uniform and a thick, large, silver necklace. L.G. smiles a lot and mumbles really loud - (awesome guy but comical in a characturesque sort of way). He was telling me about the plans for Octoberfest in the condo community. He was excited about the free beer of course but beyond that, he was extremely enthusiastic because last year, "They even roasted an entire pig." I'm trying to picture that of course, particularly because he was certain to voluntarily add in that they had taken out the guts but the head was still on.

Calling house inspectors today to get quotes and see what who offered, I called one and the phone picks up. Quickly afterword I heard conversation and some old lady said, "Could you get that thing out of my ear?" Following was a gruff male voice that said, "I'll tell you what, I'll just turn the God Damned thing off!" *dial tone

I called back to see if I could connect and I just ended up with voicemail. I didn't leave a message but about twenty minutes later I received a call here at the office. He had no idea who it was that had called him but he went ahead and returned the number on his caller ID. He was playing all professional and calm in that Texan housing inspector frame of reference. I told him that I was wanting to learn about his prices and services but only after I took the opportunity to ask jokingly if he was able to get the God Damned thing off. You could hear him blush over the phone.
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