mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


Yesterday I was up from 8.30am to 5.00am this morning. I ran errands (grocery store) before 10.00am and by noon I was working. I wrote a module, in that timeframe, that allows a person to upload photos and administrate them.

On upload the server resizes the image based upon height and width values to be determined for optimizing file size - layout, bandwidth, and storage considerations, with proper aspect ratio so it doesn't get all stretched, I'm using a third party component to drive the image manipulation but that allowed me to take care of the user issues... viewing, order placement, deleting, naming, etc.

I'm exhausted today. It was an excellent exercise on working past the point of mental fatigue. Although I'm drained, I do feel accomplished.

I've been so broadly stressed that I am numb to many of the details. Not good. I've also let importance onto the action and opinion of those with lives unlike how I work for mine to become. I can't do that because it all is just noise. Add all of that to being just mildly over focused externally.

On a shroom trip around eight months ago, one of the several important ideas that came to my attention was:

"Create and don't look back on anything but to learn."

Conceptually, as the sentence resonates inside my head, I visualize a thought frenzy; a storm of, as a metaphor, truckloads of canvases, paint, and brushes converging upon a vacant field. I dunno. Regardless though, that has been stuck inside my head.

It feels like there is just such little time between events and also in the greater scheme of things. I remember in second grade, waiting for lunchtime and two o'clock. Five minutes was a lifetime. Now days, Monday through Sunday is a blink.
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