mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

good news, bad news, and everything in between

On my way to the dentist, stuck in traffic because five of the six lanes of I35 was blocked off due to a wreck, I was talking to the mortgage broker on the phone. Some good news - the house I'm buying appraised for roughly 10% above what I'm paying for it (in it's current condition even) essentially, what that means, my net worth is theoretically increasing the moment I take possession... only on paper obviously.

Nice. It's a fucking shame my monthly debt obligation is nearly doubling though.

My mouth hurts and I need a root canal. My insurance will only cover about a third of that expense. I think I clued in to what spurred this tooth abscess on - frozen york peppermint pattys... yeah.. I know. So maybe I can take these antibiotics and put off the inevitable when I'm not facing so many unknowns. Like that will ever happen.

The receptionist freaked when I told her my birthday. It's hers too. I've only met one other person born on 1/23 - she was so cute about it too - you could tell how excited she was that she "found somebody else," as was I honestly, and then she would quickly jump back to the conventional understanding that it's really nothing significant... it's just so rare... but knowing how cycles go in time, how patterns repeat and we are affected by the grand rhythm, it was all I could do to keep from excitedly asking her obscure personality questions. It was odd watching her fumble the pen and listening to her talk... as ridiculous as it sounds, I was looking at a mirror.

As soon as this fucking vicoden wears off, I may write more.
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