mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


Mr. We Need You
How many acronyms do you have behind your name?
How many hoops will you jump through to grab the brass ring?

Hey Mr. We Need You
Our company's future is bright.
The sales aren't great but the forecasts are out of sight!

Glad you asked Mr. We Need You
We have the best useless products that money can buy.
We give to everyone our options that we promise will reach the sky.

Look Mr. We Need You
Come meet us in person, lets have a face to face
So we can sit eye to eye and steal your time; we promise it's no waste.

Hi Mr. We Need You
Glad you drove across town
So nice to see you so glad you came down

Mr. We Need You
Listen to us talk about what we want to sell
How impressed by our money you will be if you will only let us tell.

Hey Mr. We Need You
Look at me! Look at me!
You'll want to come to work here; at least four millionaire a week- guaranteed to see.

You know Mr. We Need You
We've been in business now for over three years
So of course there is no question that if on Friday we end with beers.

Mr. We Need You
You are the man for us!
You are the 16th interview today but to the top of the pile with you and without any fuss.

With you onboard Mr. We Need You
We will take over the world, we will be ahead of the rush.
That is if the world or economy doesn't first get to us.

Well Mr. We Need You
Thanks for your interest, thanks for coming in.
If we decide to reject you be a trooper and take it on the chin.

Mr. We Need You
We know that your broke and without work for goodness sake.
But please wait on us and our decision that we need to make.

Thank you Mr. We Need You
I'm so sorry but our hiring is in a freeze.
Again thank you for your time, come again if you please.
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