mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

eat like a bird, shit like an elephant

Long day today. It was good though.

A bit nervous about tomorrow.

The side project has gotten to as good of a point as I hoped for before I added more responsibility. I can eek out the rest of the work over the next week without too much focus or concentration... maybe get some test users and see if a month or so of design, coding, and testing has been worth it for a first run. Always a work in progress though.

36 files counting only text based (.asp, .css, etc) code (images etc of course additional). The largest file is 3,569 lines long and hovering around 120kb. Essentially a bunch of web pages cut up and tossed together in one file. Not optimized obviously but at the moment it's not necessary - I get a handful of users though and I'll be happy to rewrite.

Time will tell.
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