mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

ima wuss

all right... I'm not passively cramping but I am amazingly sore... and rather groggy.

I just ordered pizza and will see how I feel after I eat. I have shit I need to do here too so if I don't go back over to scrape, I can still potentially get stuff done.

I'm not wanting to go over and scrape the ceiling today. I have to get it done though. I also have to paint so I can get the carpet out before I move in. Although I lightly smoke, I don't smoke inside... the stale air and residual smoke in the carpet completely fucks with my sinuses /respiratory.

I'm thinking about laying out enough drop cloth so to not worry about it and hiring someone to help out. Jobs like this are rarely done by only one person. Not only because of the work but because of the time involved. The "work smarter not harder" argument is echoing through my head too.
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