mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


I dropped by the house after work, changed clothes, and proceeded to continue on the ceiling in the master bedroom. I finished it.

I discovered that it was much easier today because it had a chance to soak up the moisture so before I left, I sprayed the master bathroom ceiling for next chance I get to drop by and scrape.

It's exciting. I can't deny it. The master bedroom already looks ten times better and I haven't even painted. I have some light texturing to do but will likely wait until I can do that all in one shot, or at least several rooms at once.

I realized while standing on my ladder ( I bought a kick ass ladder btw) that physically I was experiencing what I do mentally on a daily basis with work. Losing myself... completely removing myself from all of past and future, holding myself in each individual motion of now.

It felt fucking awesome.
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