mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


After work I went by the house and was able to get the master bath ceiling texture removed. I also ended up with half of bedroom #2 taken care of as well. I was on fire.

I figured out the secret to removing ceiling texture... lots and lots of warm water from a spray bottle. You have to be careful when you get through the layers so not to weaken the drywall of course but overall, water is our friend in removing ceiling texture (not to mention a good scraper).

I'm building strength too. I can feel my upper body getting less fatigued and using less effort to get the job done. It also helps that there isn't two layers of ugly assed paint over the popcorn ceiling in the remaining areas but I'll choose to focus on the building of resources over the degradation of obstacles just in case I come upon a large and unexpected hurdle. Invoking the elephant maturing with a small rope theory here.

I'm having a blast which is so fucking weird honestly. I get there and of course I'm tired by that time of day but I get on task and truly enjoy myself. I dig the work. I also get a kick out of staying three steps mentally planning ahead over what I'm physically doing to maximize the efficiency of my available time... yet oddly I loose myself in the moment.

Down the road, after I get the ceiling texture removal finished, the house painted, the carpet out, the floors sanded and finished, etc, etc.. you get the idea, my fence needs to be replaced. I can't wait to build a fence again. I can build a badass fence.
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