mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


traffic traps
75mph speed limits
a clean jeep
10 hrs of being alone with my thoughts and the only thing that I could do was what I was doing
Big puffy clouds
Willie Nelson
dark blue sunsets
Hugging hello
Christmas feeling more like Wednesday
Snow. Ice. Cold.
Little towns
Getting yelled at by the thirsty church lady
red sunsets
Peyton's giggle
Jenn's laugh
Carol's smile
Jess's glasses goatee and grin
Drunk Marines with a monstas ego, too much patriotism, and a blinded political chip on their shoulder
Verbally running the marine around in circles... he chose the wrong table.
Thanking the Marine for his commitment
Coors light and Green Chile beer
Point of sale, ya know? nuh uhh.
I kissed a girl. I did too.
I kissed a boy. I'm not going any further in that direction.
Everything logic? Not everything but probably too much.
Land of the 28.8
A bar full of people you grew up with - some you know but all know you.
Wishes of feeling that which everyone believes you have.
Being thankful that you are nothing like what some people think.
Allsups burritos, taco sauce, and vaccinations.
Game after game of PS2
purple sunsets
Crushing on a much older young lady and his first shave
Mom's hatred for the Dixie Chicks
Dad's love for anything spice
Dying pets
Dead acquaintances
Loosing friends
Outed cousins
Turkey leftovers and too much fudge
Spending saturday sick and sore because of a coworker's valiance from a week before
Saying goodbye
gray skies
10 hrs of being alone with my thoughts and the only thing that I could do was what I was doing
Shitty dance music radio stations
Rain and humidity and wind
Coming back to boxes
Boxes that are thankfully still there
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