mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

why government offices are beige

Standing in line at the social security office so that I could get proof of my existence, my eyes scanned the room for anything to lift me away from the two women directly in front of me and their conversation I was over hearing:

person 1 "She don't see her babies father that much any more."
person 2 "Well, I heard he was in prison."

In the survey of my surroundings I fixed upon the photos of our esteemed President and Vice President - both pictures which happen to likely be in every government office accross the land.

Is it me or does ol' Dick look like a used car salesman? How about good ol' George? Now isn't that quite the pose?

The one thing that my excruciating experience(s) standing and waiting to be served poorly by our social employees has made me thankful for is that unlike other countries, Iraq for instance, we have the freedom to travel around our cities and country side without seeing giant photos of the powers that be. I mean, could you imagine that photo of G.W. on the side of a building?

I think I'd move.
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