mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

postmodern surreal realist

time creates the error smoothed= vapor trail which is left behind
as we push through each day and moment
resting and attempting to come to terms
with only that which surrounds us

we consider only what comes into our environment
subjecting us to it's gravity
leaving it behind for regret
keeping it in our minds to question
and consistently, alway, identifying only within
our observational space

"[he] concluded that, when a person tries to look for what he wants in painting, will never find that which transcends his preferences; Only if one is trapped by the mystery that refuses all explanation, the moment of fear and panic would transcend mediocrity."

i long for a revisit to juxtaposition
my heart belongs to the obscure
is it possible to be so lost within
so overly removed from a generally held frame of reference
in such a manner that then becomes the normal
to those inside and out
i ask myself this
as i see nothing the same
a letter from the past reads differently but as clear as it did always before

the question of my answers are not the answers to my questions
but my questions of my answers are the answers to yours

hypothetically if correct
other than being that three minute and twenty second song
that you track until you grow tired
you hum for an afternoon
all so you can believe that you relate
even then most the masses are sheep will likely scoff
and in shrill disdain
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