mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

wavy ended lines

strange as how time leaves when eyes are closed
sweat pouring from a beaten brow rubbed raw
the saline cleanse dripping down onto my chest
mixing with my tears and the departing moment
sounds drip from the inkwell that doubles as my heart
absent from my lips the ability to communicate the subtle
seconds the sand inside my fist just waiting to measure free
leaving are the precious moments of inexpensive discovery
forever here without satisfaction would be no less a crime
than my broken heart - breaking the truest friend of mine
what sometimes I question in this woken dream that falls
from the infinity to my soft yet weathered hands of choice
i could start a story that would last the lifetime that i have
or i could free a mind of any rule that has been plowed
out through me or under the rain or under a sun just

the same
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