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Something weird is going on.

so this being around the house so much is either making me go nuts, or I dunno what... I went to mail bills... no big deal... went to the grocery store... not really because I needed anything per se but mostly so I could be out of the house. I drove up to the store and it was completely packed... came to the end of the parking line... close to the store... and the closest parking spot was vacant.

Ok, so I had good parking karma... no big deal.

Went in, went through every isle, got the few items I needed... my eyes constantly being challenged by the trippay assed lighting (regular store lighting... somethings up with my vision or head) got in line... bear in mind all of the open cashiers had like fiddy peeps... the lady in front of me looks at my basket and said the express was for up to 20 items... I looked at her puzzled... unknowingly why, prolly because I never thought to count my items smiled and said thanks... I walked over to the express lane and it was empty... I was the first person to get in line... immediately 5 people came behind me... no big deal right?

I get in mah car... start driving... it's rush hour... busy street... I didn't get stopped by a single stop light... drove the entire way without stoping... I've never had that happen on this particular road even at 2:30am let alone in the middle of rush hour... things like that simply don't happen here.

I dunno... I obviously have to get out more but this is fucking odd.
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