mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

am of we

I am not necessarily antiwar yet I'm certainly not pro war. I see the essence of terror through our words as they rip apart our delicate connections between each other. That is my focus.

I know better than to believe that holding a sign is going to help; yelling at each other certainly won't. Though I have long felt that Saddam Hussein should have been removed, not necessarily by our involvement, I feel that violence is counter productive toward civilization and that the minds have been made up as to what course of action with Iraq would be taken long ago.. even before 9/11.

Any statements that I may make to others would be lost in their shield of ego. I love hearing what others are feeling because I am able to allow another the opportunity to express and release.

Fault my objectivity but I don't believe that it matters what I think. I don't believe inefficient expression (protesting the government or the protesters) will either. Part of my freedom is the privilege of being able to choose my personal battles and the one I choose today is that of an attempt to be the best being of light that I can be.

Today I send a gift of vision to those that read my words and those that read theirs.. it will be that unexpected tingle.. it will be that chance smile.. it will be a unpredicted feeling that everything will be just fine.
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