mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

potential in a parallel universe

One of these days I am going to meet a group of well adjusted people that understand themselves as individuals and can discuss most anything without the constant gravitation toward safe topic conversation.

Ideally, they will have grown past the need to ridicule passers by as an attempt to confirm themselves as their personal accomplishments that would have given their criticisms validity would have also allowed the personal confidence and understanding that you don't build with negativity and mere proclamations of things being stupid.

Their connections will be that of an effort; not of a need. They will think together separately and within their diversity grow. The mortar holding these ties together being that of admiration and respect - not habits or addictions, not beliefs, not that of profit, or for benefit in any aspect of survival.

They will come together in purity and develop through the same...

but unfortunately, it doesn't happen that way.
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