mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

pop song

wouldn't you know that i would talk about it
if only i could just find my words
last i saw them they were tracing past stars
like chasing cars but in their own way

i am not sure if i can think anymore
sometimes i sense that i still feel
it can be all quite funny
when you really think about it
the smiles that this torture can reveal

see how everything comes and goes
how no one else really knows (or cares to)
sometimes you just have to ask
if anything would mind removing it's mask
and share with the rest what it feels

last time those words i saw
much clearer the view of it all
after climbing a tall ladder of blue

if again those words i saw
i am able to find them if at all
i will again try to share them with you

i would love to share them with you
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