mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

five more minutes

a wind jabbed me with a vision of her painting flowers
denim and brushes with blue grass behind
acoustic tremors mounting my silent wonderment as i spy
every system cast out as she strokes in solid peace
blissfully imprisoned in her everything moment
an extension of my heart, mind, soul, woken subconscious
just as much as me an individual and her just the same
but still the river flows // still the river flows without question
where will she find me
when time allows us a smile
what will I be lost in then after all of this while
and why not yet

from within one split second
each of these tattered honesties withdrawn from process
a question shift toward maintain from pending
this welcome storm feared, taunted, and longed for
i pray to myself for the unbiased view
for respect and understanding
for clarity
in preparation for this surprise
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