mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

I will miss the thunder

The previous three nights, maybe two, as I have been winding down my work, the wind starts to kick up, the lightening, the rain, the thunder, ending my night with a brief power outage that turns off my computer and resets the clocks to 0:00.

I'm going to miss that night storm that keeps visiting at about the same time. I love the way the outside quiet gets drowned in the collisions of water with grass, how the rain soaked wind sounds as it passes by my window, and the tremendous thunder that follows the flashes of light. The moist air as I drift to sleep and in the morning as I fight to wake up because I am too comfortable, cozy, and relaxed will be gone soon as the season matures.

I will miss the rain. I will miss the thunder.
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