mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

from earlier-
Tasks for today-
More shot gunning resumes++ done
follow up on a couple of calls++ done... sorta- everyone was out.
Finish wom++ done
mebe even incorporate a mail form in the contact page.++ done even with javascript form field validation
upload that sheeit.. ++done.. heewwwl ya!

if y'all read this... do me a HUGE a favor and check out the latest version of wom... comments/critique would be great... and noticeable bugs would be a tremendous help. it's only a few pages so if you get a second, I would appreciate it.

it looks like I owe Nicolaaa hard core- I believe he may have done something for me that I haven't even been able to do for myself. Find me money... mebe even a job.

No tellin how secure the situation is but the way he sounds, the deal is all but sealed. I guess he called in a favor and has put my name on it. My gratitude for him period is beyond words... if this clicks the way he's thinking, although he'd be happy with me simply doing my best with it as apparently he thinks I would... a steak dinner that I already owe him isn't going to cut it. He blows my mind. It's with the company I did the site redesign for a week ago... we'll see. *fingers, arms, legs, and bawlz crossed*

Thing is though... even if it doesn't pan out- he's done a lot... one hell of a lot.

I feel accomplishment... and I feel tremendously humbled... and tired too btw. 8)
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