mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

sitting on the couch, munching on leftover burrito stuff... tryin to chill from my neurosis.

I hear *drip* *drrrrip* over in the general area I found water two days ago... D is in the shower upstairs... directly above the spot.

Ahhh... so that's where the water is coming from.

I couldn't do anything but walk back over to the couch... finish my burritos... and laugh harder than I have in days.

Inappropriate? prolly... but this is survival.

So I called the landlord... explained what was up... and in his annoying broken columbian accent he started making a bigger deal out of the fact that we had to resign the lease...

My response?

Yes, I understand that that would be an issue and that as of your last correspondence that you raised the rent... which was acknowledged in our last payment to you... I would imagine however that the fact that the dining room ceiling about to cave in would be a bit more pressing... enough so that I really believe that that should be taken care of before we even consider signing another document.

His response... "I know... and you tell me today... and I come take a look at it today."

My response... Well... in the past you've been really great about fixing things although sometimes it has taken considerably longer than necessary and to be perfectly blunt... If this is going to take very long to have this fixed, I really don't want to bother with the inconvenience of having a freshly signed lease and an unusable restroom and a water damaged ceiling.

He doesn't know how to take me...
and I really don't fucking care.

I don't have the resources to move... I don't even have the resources to breathe at the moment. But that motherfucker doesn't need to know that.

hahaha... wow what a fucking day.
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