mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

about a sack of shit

Around 7:30am I was out watering the shrubbery and flowers. I was bent down fumbling with the faucet, stood up, turned around, and this girl was across the street with her dog watching me. She was attractive, I waved hello, she waved back, and I noticed she was carrying dog poo in her clear plastic sack.

See, that's love. Any time you carry excrement in a sack for someone or something else, that has to be love. Not that you need to carry shit in a sack for it to be love but if you do? Sure, it's proper instead of leaving the steamer on someone else's lawn but you have to admit a certain fondness must be in place before you walkabout with a sack of doo doo.

My only question to you ms. hot neighbor down the street is this: do you really have to carry it around in a clear plastic sack? Use a garbage bag or plastic grocery sack.. or something.. anything opaque so there's a little mystery for us, the outside observer; witnesses to your love.

I know some of you who are reading this are dog lovers that love walking your best friend and I would imagine that picking up crap is as much as a part of it as putting on a leash. So, I reach out to you with the question. (those without canine companionship may participate in the hypothetical).

Poll #476217 excrement sack


clear plastic bag
clear plastic bag that I wave around and twirl
opaque sack that lessens the obviousness of me carrying feces.
no bag. I use my hand / pants pocket
I don't like dogs

This will be a very rare public post for me. Have your friends take this quiz too if you are inclined. I am interested in discovering more about the dog log handling habits of the community at large.

get the code to post in your journal to show that you took the poll:

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