mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Amazingly productive day..
More work on the db proggy... I'm enjoying it so much I'm liable to work on it a bit tonight too... yeah, so what if I'm a nerd

Looked a bit at the 15 minute intraday data on the S&P. Just looking over the charts a bit for giggles. Toward the end of trading professionally I got to the point that I had identified cycles in simultaneous multiple time frames- Translation: essentially the number of significant changes in intraday trend (turning points) and their corresponding approximate time of occurance. It's really easy, if you stare at the chart long enough and open up your mind a bit you can see how the same things happen again and again in relative pattern... not each day but over a defined period. That research led to seeing some price pattern relationships with huge accuracy of occurance and price forcast that I had the opportunity to observe but not trade on. I noticed the way today was lying in the cycle with spx and I could see how around 1pm it was due for one of those points... I'll be damned if it didn't reverse and end up rising into the close. I don't have the realtime feed anymore and I am only using bigcharts at the moment and am merely eyeballing it... but since I've developed some programming skillz I can't help but try to think out the theory work I came to in research into some form of logical format for statistical analysis. If nothing else it would be fascinating to see it defined with clear cut, nicely calculated rates of accuracy. I dunno... so thats running in the back of my head. That and the memory of those price pattern relationships and how I need to dig out my research and devote some spare time to them to see if they could turn into anything.

I told my dad right before I landed this developer gig that if I were simply able to get my foot nicely planted on a metaphorical step, I was going to do everything I could think of possible to insure against never experiencing the financial and emotional rollercoaster of a layoff and coinciding economic downturn. Things happen not without impact though and if it weren't for the pain of the recent past this instance wouldn't be filled with the lessons I learned during. Once again I am forever changed.

I talked to Jezster today... he's doing well. He can't make it to Jaa's graduation either. That actually made me feel worse about not going since neither he nor BuUbaaa, or I can go. I did the numbers money wise and it's just not happinin. I hate having my hands tied making choices like this when the only choice isn't the right one. Part of me goes into detached mode, "Either he will understand or he won't." and part of me goes into feel mode... can't think of a quote for that one. Regardless, although I feel bad and it's difficult to settle on "not going," it's not the most difficult decision I've come to in the recent past... alone. Still trying to justify? Prolly.
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