mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Keeping me guessing-

"So short term goin up but mebe a reversal to down mid day."

Well... it decided to go down and *then* up... by mid day though the reversal was apparent as the cycle as well as indicators on hour and 15 min were showing it wanted to reverse for a bit to go up. haha... I crack me up

Weekly- it wants to go up--- 65% true (yay for fuzzy logic)
Daily- it wants to go down.
Hour- it wants to go up

short term up, intermediate term down... what to expect? no clue. hahah Turning points tomorrow at (bare in mind I'm still eyeballing) 10:15am, 11am, and around 1:15pm. 3 day weekend coming up, I'm willing to bet it goes up till 10am, goes down till 11am... goes up till 1pm... and settles fairly even into the close. The more specific one is though the more likely error is... fine with me either way... at least as far as tomorrow goes. (all times eastern)

haha.. what a fuqed up hobby... never a dull moment.
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