mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Guess what I'm going to write about... hrm... *shock*
In a way, I'm starting to get tired of thinking about it... not tired of thinking about it really... but being as intense about it at the moment... It's not like the pursuit of this is really anything new for me but it seems like it's been the concentration of the last few days.

I've been looking on the web for information but not surprisingly I'm not finding anything worth the HTML that displays it. One site associates the third eye with the pituitary, another will associate it with the pineal... one site actually skips it and jumps to the crown, another will say it is literally on the forehead. WTF?? You can bet your sweet ass though that they each site will have a whole bunch of unpronounceable to the average American Sanskrit derivative words with really tripped out graphics to depict the mysticism. ARGgghHH!

It would really be interesting to know how many of these people are into the alternate consciousness scene simply to seem hip. Like for show or something. I mean... it's a given. We are all searching... but what really bugs me are the people that fucking list the chakra associations and slam out a few lines of buzzwords and Sanskrit and think that they've really done anyone a favor when it's misleading because it is quite probable they have no more a clue than anyone else. Who am I kidding... of course they haven't a clue... it's the same principle behind organized religion... it's the same law that governs the ability for a town of 14,000 people to have 50 churches... FIFTY! It's the same reason people fight over religious disagreements... no, not spirited debate... that can be healthy as people open mindedly share and teach each other. I'm meaning the terrorist shit... talk about blatantly misguided. haha... man I can rant.

FTS... I found mine... that's what counts. Now what the hell do I do with it? ;-)

Tomorrow I pick up my newly rewritten resume... haha. I'm actually excited in a really fucked up way. I know I'm going to have plenty of bullet points to take out of it but at least, if nothing else, I've acquired the perspective of a total stranger that has a good idea of what kind of red flags get raised, why, and is getting paid to tell me things look like shit. hahhaha Still though, I'm not expecting miracles simply due to it alone... I just know that it isn't going to do anything but help a bit.

OH OH OH OH... I almost forgot... one site had a joke. lol...

Question: What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?
Answer: Make me one with everything!

*bu dum bum ching!*
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