mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer


Today was up as expected but not as much as I figured it would have been. I was expecting today to later be seen as a turning point. It made a new low so it's still a possibility, but as a bottom instead. This is happening on the fairly short term... It's also difficult to write all of it down into words too... and obviously it's all a bit subjective (what I'm trying to start avoiding). My goal with this.. as I've said a dozen times... is to turn theory into logic for statistical purposes. I guess it's another thing I need to add patience toward..

So what for tomorrow? It looks like it will be a positive move day. The uptrend may indeed resume as it's sustaining itself on the weekly charts. Overall it seems really uneventful but 7pt moves or so in a day can add up

There is a possibility that Monday would be the upside turning point and down from there- looking toward the 60 min charts gives warning for that. The thing is though none of it is really sticking out... if actually were trading it trendlines would be key and expectations would be low... most likely to just sit out.
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