mortality cartographer (beeooll) wrote,
mortality cartographer

Weekend flew by but grand mission of slack accomplished.

Friday night sparked a lil and chilled.
Saturday got up and took mah ride to the carwash... all sparkly- I even put some rain-X on the windows. Rented Requiem For A Dream and Finding Forrester... Requiem had wanted to see for a while, almost got to see it in the theater one night.. that was the night we ended up in the mall at 3am... a chemically enhanced visit muhaha... but finally I got to see it and wasn't altogether that taken by it. I have some strong opinions on it but really don't want to write about it. Finding Forrester was damned good. The credits were about to roll and I was amazed I hadn't cried... I'm mushy like that with movies- The very last shot, credits, and tears started streaming... hahaa... I'm a wuss.

Mid afternoon had a really awesome 1.5 hr meditation that turned into a couple hours of napping on top of that.

Last night sparked again and made fajitas. They weren't at all good and they made me ill... dunno if it was something I did to the recipe or just my body going into summer heat mode. Fine really, trying to change protein/carb ratio slowly to experiment what fx it might have.

Didn't do any hands on work on any of the side projects... mind run on the cycles proggy and looked up stuff on dynamic image generation in VB. Other than that my weekend consisted of doobie, movies, meditation, video games, and playing the guitar... haha.. two female boobies short of a perfect weekend.
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